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Lifestyle Bonus

Now For The Best Part

Even if you have less than perfect credit (bad or no credit) we can still help you drive the car of your dreams, because we’ve partnered with car dealerships that have agreed to help our credit challenged cardholders acquire their dream car, as long as they have a minimum of 2 months of qualifying income with us.

So as you can see we’ve created a prepaid MasterCard, with the remarkable benefit of allowing you to drive your dream car no matter what your financial situation and we could have easily stopped there, but there’s more.

We also pay you a Lifestyle Bonus, equal to the auto allowance of each person you refer as long as you have a minimum of 5 active card holders on level one of your unilevel. This means that if you referred 5 card holders who each earn $1,000 a month in car allowance, your Lifestyle Bonus would be an amazing $5,000. This bonus is unlimited, so the more card holders you refer the more you will earn in Lifestyle Bonuses.

Driving the car of your dreams is now believable, achievable and within reach.

All you have to do is order your Ztegrity Auto Rewards card and tell others about it just as someone told you. That’s it! You will love your new metal card as much as you will love driving your dream car.

We are revolutionizing the prepaid card industry, just as Uber did with the cab industry and our Ztegrity Auto Rewards Card is positioned to help you to drive the car of your dreams within a few days or weeks. The choice is yours and it’s totally up to you!

We have the model, strategy and the proven history to support you every step of the way …

Call me and lets get your Auto Rewards Card ordered, so you can get started today!